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Level Art Gallery               



Curated by Eunice Chen

May 3rd - May 19th, 2024

Opening Reception 6 - 9 pm May 3rd

16-39 Centre Street

Ridgewood-Bushwick, NY 11385


The Curator In Residence at Level Gallery supported by Rockella Space is pleased to present Over-Compression, curated by Yuyue Chen (Eunice).


For the past few months, Level Gallery has hosted a Curator-in-Residence program. The program invited recent School of the Visual Arts graduate Eunice CHEN Yuyue to visit the studios of Rockella Space Members at both One Eyed Studios and Brown Bears Studios. The result of her research is Over-Compression, an exhibition of Rockella Space Members.


Over-Compression brings together a group of Brooklyn-based artists, whose artwork showcase their diverse identities in an oversaturated city. In the era of information overload, more data continues to be compressed into a larger and smoother appearance—an electronic screen or monitor. Through drawings, paintings, photographs, and sculptures, the artists offer new coping mechanisms for managing information overflow in both virtual and physical spaces.



Yuyue Chen (Eunice)



Christine Abraham  :  Luis Aguilera, DeFi the norm  :  Britt Harrison  :  Ben Blaustein  :  Alexander Brewington  :  King David  :  Sid Denison  :  Karryl Eugene  :  Yunierki Felix  :  Joe Gray  :  Yolanda Hawkins  :  William Niederkorn  :  Kristen Heritage  :  Jason Karolak  :  Teddy Lane  :  Sheila Lanham  :  Sfera Louis  :  Spencer Patrick  :  Jean Rim  :  Alejandra Rojas  :  Chimera Singer  :  Md Tokon  :  Amanda Valle

Urban Architects

Group Show

Presented by The Vandal Hour

February 11th through 24th 2024

1639 Centre Street

Ridgewood / Queens, NY


Spherealism: A Visual Dialogue

Sfera Louis & Bereket Adaamu

December 16th 2023 through January 7th 2024

1639 Centre Street

Ridgewood / Queens, NY


C.O.M.I.O. : The Convergence of Many Into One

Duncan Figurski

November 11th through 25th 2023

1639 Centre Street

Ridgewood / Queens, NY


A Tree Grows 

Group Show

July 28th through August 15th 2023

1660 East New York Avenue

Brooklyn, NY


The Table

Group Show & Art Crawl

May 21st through May 31st 2023

1639 Centre Street

Ridgewood / Queens, NY


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